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Pharmacy Service

Easy Pharmacy and Surgicals is a community-based independent pharmacy. We specialize in HOME HEALTH CARE items as well.  You can use a variety of options to obtain prescriptions from Easy Pharmacy.  Transferring prescriptions from other pharmacies is EASY.  Please call one of Easy Pharmacy locations to speak with an experienced and knowledgeable registered pharmacist.



Ordering Prescriptions


Customers:  Drop your prescriptions at one of our locations.  If you cannot come to drop, we will come to your place and pick-up and then deliver your medicines.  If you have filled your prescription in the past from us, you can call us with prescription number and we will keep the medicine ready for pickup or delivery [within 5 miles radius of Manville, Bridgewater, or South Bound Brook, NJ].  Your Physician’s office can send prescription electronically [eScript] as well.

New Prescriptions

If you are in a possession of a hard copy of a prescription from a physician, please stop by and we will fill your prescriptions promptly. If your physician would like to order prescriptions for you, he/she could send it via computer [e-Script] or fax, or by calling. Certain control medicines cannot be ordered via fax or by calling. Please call the pharmacist for clarification.


Refill Prescriptions


To order Refill prescriptions online, please Click Here.  

Transferring Prescriptions


Transferring Prescriptions from other pharmacies [click here for coupons]

If you have any refills remaining from your previous pharmacy, transferring of prescriptions from other pharmacies to Easy Pharmacy is fast and FREE.  Just call and give us the name of your previous pharmacy and we will take care of the rest. Transferring prescriptions from other pharmacies is perfectly LEGAL. You do NOT need to go back to the physician to obtain new prescriptions to come to Easy Pharmacy, if you have refills remaining from the previous pharmacy.  


See coupons for new or transferring prescriptions from other pharmacies.


Healthcare professionals: Order prescriptions by calling or via facsimile or via eScript

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