Covid-19 Vaccination procedure
updated 11/05/2021

We have received Moderna, Pfizer [12+ years] and J & J Covid-19 vaccines, including boosters, at our Manville pharmacy location.  We have received pediatric [5-11 years] vaccines as well.  Please follow the guidelines here:

1.  Please click HERE to schedule the appointment at Easy Pharmacy [walk-ins welcome; appointments preferred to reduce the processing time].  Walk-ins close TWO hours prior to store closing.  After you schedule the appointment, you will receive a confirmation email with a QR code.  Please bring this email with QR code [optional] on the day of your appointment.  When you schedule the appointment you will be required to fill out details about yourself and insurance [optional] information.  Filling out the form will allow you to have a quicker and an efficient vaccination experience.  Once the form is completed you are confirming that you are eligible to receive the vaccine according to the NJ state guidelines.  

2.  When you arrive for vaccination, you need to present the QR code [optional] to the store associate.  Each member has to register and schedule the appointment so that there is no overcrowding in the store.

3.  An employee at the pharmacy will scan your QR code and receive you.  

4.  After the pharmacist or vaccine administrator reviews your information, he/she will administer you the MODERNA/J&J vaccine/Pfizer.   Mix and Match of different vaccines is allowed during the third/booster doses.

5.  You need to remain seated in the pharmacy or in your car [preferably] post vaccination for 15 minutes to manage any potential side effects.  Please DO NOT leave immediately after vaccine administration.  Fifteen minutes after your vaccination, you will get CDC vaccination card.  Keep this for your record.  Bring this card during the subsequent doses administration, if any.

6.  For additional information, please visit the

7.  Post injection, if you develop any side effects, please fill the FDA VAERS [Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System] form.  In addition, CDC has developed a new, voluntary, smartphone-based tool, called V-safe, that uses text messaging and web surveys to provide patients with near real-time health check-ins after they receive a COVID-19 vaccination. CDC/V-safe call center representatives will follow up on reports of medically significant health impacts to collect additional information to complete a VAERS report. Information on v-safe is available here: V-safe

8.  Wear a mask and maintain social distance during the vaccine administration and post-injection.

Thanks for cooperating.  Stay Safe!